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Erasmus student party

BRNO International & Exchange Students Semester Opening Party!

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Dear EXCHANGE & INTERNATIONAL students! Welcome in BRNO! New Semester is coming: New town - new friends - new adventures!

Be part of FIRST NIGHT OUT! We’d like to give you the great opportunity starting your semester with an unforgettable WELCOME PARTY!

This night is for: students arriving in BRNO, students already living in BRNO (regular students) and of course all you electronic and pop music lovers!

✖✖✖ Tickets ✖✖✖

Our events are usually sold out, so please buy tickets in advance.

➜ Round 1: 75 Czech Koruna (3 Euro) ➜ Round 2: 125 Czech Koruna (5 Euro) ➜ Round 3: 175 Czech Koruna (7 Euro) ➜ Round 4: 250 Czech Koruna (10 Euro)

Ticket Link: http://bit.ly/Exchange-Party-Brno

✖✖✖ Other Info ✖✖✖ Time: Start 11pm Date: Wednesday 26th of September Venue: Mersey Klub Brno Adress: Minská 15, Brno, Czech Republic 616 00 Dress Code: No Dress Code! Age: its 18+ Event

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Dnes v Mersey

Dnes se v Mersey žádná akce nekoná, stay tuned.

Dnes se v Mersey žádná akce nekoná, stay tuned.



Mersey Music Club

Minská 15, Brno 61600
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